Oman! The beautiful Oman!

So if you don’t know Oman is a country which I personally think can be underrated at times, even though it’s a country right next to the popular UAE (specifically Dubai). Although I mainly wanted to post this picture to see what the community thought of it, as I thought it was a pretty descent picture with nice mountains. Wasn’t actually doing a flight, l really just wanted to take a sample from the Middle East airports of Dubai and Muscat and the airlines Emirates and Oman air and take off in both planes in separate flights. Then just edit them for fun (I like editing ok)

Aircraft and Route Details

Aircraft: B788 (787-8)
Airline: Oman air
Server: None (solo)
Route: N/A (Did not do one)

Taken shortly after take off from Muscat international airports runway 26L, with some mountains in the background

So what do ya think?


Have you ever been to Oman in real life?


Really great photo. Love the shininess of the plane.

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I have visited briefly and can confirm: Oman is beautiful, on the ground as much as from the air! Good shot.

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Great shot :D.

I have never been to Oman in real life. I have been to Ras al Khaimah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But not Oman.

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I have been to Oman. It’s a beautiful place!

Lovely picture mate :)


Yes I have, had an amazing time there honestly. The only thing was we mainly went out at night because the heat was powerful, along with a few sandstorms happening

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O man! those pictures are awesome

pun intended


Nicely done!!!

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I lived in Abu Dhabi for a few years. Back in the UK now.

But anyways it was a short flight across. And occasionally drove 1 or 2 times


During my trip to the Middle East (Qatar, Bahrain, UAE) I was speeding across the dunes in a Quad bike very near Oman (like 5km) and it was so beautiful!