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                  THE WINGS OF ARABIA


OmanAir is a new huge VA that has been approved by the IFVARB. Founded in June 2022, OmanAir VA is based off of the real Oman Air. We Operate with domestics and International routes, in lots of countries. Our VA brings unique destinations to pilots whether it’s short, medium or long haul. We are a friendly, professional and welcoming VA and you will have a realistic and funny time with us. Under this message you can find our website and our application form:

My dear community,

I am Dario, the President of this new VA! I am Italian, from Palermo, in Sicily. My father passed the passion for airplanes and aeronautics in general to me. I have a lot of experience in the VA field, and I have always believed I was capable of founding one. After a very long reflection, taking lots of info, I decided to take the step, and found this VA!

I assure you a unique flying experience with us!

- Dario
President of Oman Air Virtual

Name Role IFC Account
Dario Greco CEO & Founder @Captain_Dario
Denven Event Manager @yechengs
Vaxo Human Resources Manager @vaxo_mumladze
Recruiting Flight Supervisor Recruiting
Nick Recruiter @NickGameplays1

― Cadet ―

Aircraft Route Flight Time
Embraer E175 All E175 route 0hrs

― First Officer ―

Aircraft Route Flight Time
Boeing 737-800(replaced by generic livery) All B738 route 10hrs
Airbus A320 (Salam Air Routes) All A320 routes 10hrs

― Senior First Officer ―

Aircraft Route Flight Time
Boeing 737-900 (replaced by generic livery) All B739 route 50hrs

― Captain ―

Aircraft Route Flight Time
Airbus A330-300 All A333 route 100hrs

― Chief Pilot ―

Aircraft Route Flight Time
Boeing 787-8 All B788 route 250hrs

Our Crew center is essential, there the Pireps will be filed, information on events will be given from the staff.

Ours is very simple and intuitive, very easy to use, but very professional.
There you can register the flights you have made, which will be approved by our team. See your flight hours. Obviously the most important part, which you find in our Crew Center is the Routes database! From there, you will be able to see the available routes, the planes assigned to each route, and of course the codshare routes as well.


Features Utility
Pilot Home This is the place where pilots can see everything about their time, flight number, rank and callsign. It’s kind of their control center.
File PIREP This is the place where pilots can log their flight, flight number, flight time, fuel used, ICAO dep, ICAO arr, Aircraft is required and if it is an event flight they can apply a multiplier.
My PIREPs This is the place where pilots can view their entire PIREP from the beginning of their time with the airline. Their pirep will be shown as accepted, pending or denied.
Route Database This is the place where the pilots can see all the routes we offer, either codeshare and non-codeshare routes

Our communication method is Discord! Our excellent and efficient Server, with suitable bots, music rooms, rank to unlock and much more.

Where you can talk to other pilots, talk to the staff directly. Without discord, we couldn’t be the same!

Our events hosted by our event manager are very professional and funny. Have fun while you take part in these events, making part of the our family! One event per week will be available, across multiple events on special occasions.

We also offer a big variety of codeshare with other VAs that permits us to reach other part of the world that we don’t serve with our destinations.
We are very glad have with us partners such as:





credits: @yechengs

  • Must have IFC account in good standings
  • Minimum Age : 14 Years Old
  • IF Grade : 3 or Above
  • Minimum of flight hours : 100 hours
  • Minimum of landings : 100 landings
  • Violation-to-Landing Ratio : Less than 25%
  • Level 2 and 3 violations : Max two (2) within the last year.
  • Oman Air VA Entrance Exam : Score 75% or higher (if you fail, you can re-apply the next week)
  • Valid Infinite Flight PRO subscription

This thread was made by @Oman_Air_Virtual. OmanAir Virtual is not in any way affiliated, endorsed nor sponsored by Oman Air or Infinite Flight.


Welcome as a IFVA !


Thank you!

Welcome to IF! might join in a bit 👀

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That’s awesome, we’d be very happy to have you on board!

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Congratulations on approval!

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Thank you for helping us on the approval!!


CEO & Founder of Oman Air Virtual

Hi there,

I have been trying to upload the ss of the Grade table on your form but it doesn’t seem to accept any file (server down error). Can you please look into it?


Hello Codeshare Partner! Just wanted to say “HI” and we love the livery of the 787!

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