Oman Air Virtual Staff application

Hello everyone. I’m Dario and i’m about to open a new Virtual airline: Oman Air Virtual.
Since, at the moment, I’m helped by the COO of this VA, IF.Josh, I was looking for some other staff positions.
That are the VA’s details:

Name: Oman Air Virtual
Fleet: A330-300; B787-8; B737-800; B737-900.
Founded by: Dario and Josh
Available staff positions: HR manager; Flights manager; Recruiter; Website manager (Urgently needed); Socia media manager; Event manager.
I’m also linking the Operations plan:

and the Experience statement:

I’m searching mature people who could really help the VA growing as fast as it can.

PM me if you’re interested
That’s a good occasion to make some experience, and also to meet new friends.

Thank in advance to who’s gonna help us!!

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Good luck on your VA! Feel free to PM me if you need any assistance.


Good luck with your VA.

It would of been more beneficial for you to post your VA staff advertisement positions here:


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Hey @Captain_Dario , great to see this but unfortunately this topic isn’t allowed. You may only request staff in the topic linked above by Jack, but this must be at the permission of your assigned leader. As you have not yet been assigned a leader, you’ve gotta sit tight for now!

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Also, I think you spelt Application wrong

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