Oman air nose up to hamad intl at doha , expert server , route time 1:15 🛫


Please only one topic per 24 hours

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Lovely photo you posted; however, you did post about 2 minutes before this topic in #screenshots-and-videos.

As stated in the rules, there should only be one topic posted in a 24hr time cycle.

And to add onto this, you need to give us some information behind this. This means following the template provided when posting, so include route, server, flight time.

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Sorry guys but i wasn’t know this rules , never known it be4 but i will stick to it & sorry again & do i have to delete one of the posts ?

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Yes you have to delete one of the posts but you can put up to 10 photos in one topic

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I’d rather flag this one as it was the latest one.

Feel free to PM me or IFC members/moderators if you need anything :)

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I can’t delete it every time a message shows sayin i have a problem delete this and have to talk with the site administrator !

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You can flag it and ask the moderators to close it

Not everything needs to be closed. The OP understands the rule now, and I’m sure they’ll take it into account for their next post. 🙂

Nice shots! Looks like you had a nice flight.


Nice Shot! You should probably add it to the other topic you have so it’s all in one!

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