Oman Air doubleheader! LFPG-OOMS-EGLL

One livery on the B788 that I have not touched since release back in 2016 is Oman Air! I decided to give it a run performing a flight to Muscat from Paris with it and let me tell you that It’s a gorgeous livery! Cruising over the alps with a specular baking shot!

Upon arrival I decided to fly the airline again with the A330-300 to Heathrow! Again, over the alps! Photos taken on the expert server on 4.9.11. Edits with Adobe Lightroom!


Love those shots, especially the top one!

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Incredible shots 🔥

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Impeccable shots, Next time, maybe fly another rare airline, TAROM from LTFM-LROP-LFPG on the super rare A318.

This is just a suggestion btw.

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TAROM is definitely planned at some point. I may do EGLL-LROP some time later this month.

Thank You mate, it will be super cool to see TAROM flying in the skies

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