Oman Air B787-9

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Oman Air
Oman Air, the designated carrier of the Sultanate of Oman based at Muscat International Airport.
commenced operations in 1993. Starting off as a regional airline. today, it is recognized as a major global airline connecting cities across the world to Oman.

Oman Air B787-9
Oman Air B787-9 operates on domestic routes and international routes to Europe and Asia, There are 7 B787-9 currently in service.

Oman Air flies the B787-9 to multip places and here are some of the B787-9 routes.

Muscat (MCT) - Heathhrow (LHR)
Muscat (MCT) - Frankfurt (FRA)
Muscat (MCT) - Karachi (KHI)
Muscat (MCT) - Chittagong (CGP)
Muscat (MCT) - Mumbai (BOM)
Muscat (MCT) - Dhaka (DAC)
and more


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