Oman Air A330 Livery Discrepancy

While flying the Oman Air livery the other day, I noticed a minor issue with it. Between the 1L and 1R doors and Cockpit IRL, there is a small Airbus A330 logo. In Infinite Flight, it doesn’t seem to be there. I’ve attached some pictures of the A330 in real life and in Infinite Flight. I know this is a minor issue but I thought it would be worth reporting as one of the things a love about Infinite Flight is its attention to detail.

Device + IF details

Device: iPhone SE (2020)
IF version: 21.4



Do you have a source?


I haven’t seen anything about this issue on the forum and the developers have yet to comment on this issue, as such, I don’t think they’re aware unless I’ve missed out somewhere.


I believe you were referring to this topic, which was on a different issue.

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