OMAA toxicity

As this guys grade 4 I’m not sure how he didn’t understand the situation, and wouldn’t think he’d battle with me to jump the queue but as I was taxiing to the hold short position he full powered and flew past the hold short position and was inside of me, I didn’t know how the ATC controller didn’t see me but I would like something done.


Grade really doesn’t represent how skilled or respectful someone is. It just shows that you have a lot of landings.

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Hey! Could you specify what server this was on?

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This was on an expert server

Well yes, but also hours, I understand your point though but I thought this was ridiculous despite the grade

You should contact a moderator with the replay as proof of this happening, and they’ll be able to do something about it.


Well that’s the problem, I don’t know their tags

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DeerCrusher, MishCamp, are some you can contact.

Ok cheers.

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I wish there was some kind of crash detection system that would boot people who crash into other people terrain etc. Maybe they will respect others space then.


Don’t we all aha

Thanks for the report.