Route - OMAA🇦🇪 to VOCI🇮🇳 (Abu Dhabi to Cochin)
Aircraft - Airbus a321
Livery - Air India (AIVA078)
Server - Expert
Total Flight time - 4hrs 37mins
Distance - about 1500nm

This was my first AIVA group flight from Abu Dhabi to Cochin. Hope you guys like my shots!

🇦🇪Abu Dhabi Airport Gate 222

🚩Taxing to Runway ‘31L’

🛫Takeoff Runway ‘31L’

🎢 ‘Ferrari World’

🛩Climbing FL330

🏔Descending for Cochin Airport

🇮🇳The End

Special thanks to AIVA Staff for organizing such a great event!


Awesome photos! Looks like a great flight!

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It looks very good, very good photos.

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Awesome pics! I wasn’t able to attend the event but your pics made me feel like I was there all along


Great shots! Loved seeing Ferrari world:)

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Thanks mate!

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Tsym bro!😁

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Yeah it was a great event hope to see you in the next one😁

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Yeah It was lovely to see Ferrari world in IF for the first time. I really enjoyed this flight

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Looks like a great flight!

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It definitely was😃