OMAA Approach Time-Lapse/Expert Server

Hello everyone, we’re back with another amazing approach time lapse. This clip is from OMAA Approach which was done this Thursday,18July 2019,let’s go;

Strategy: There were two approach controllers for this session. @Luke_M was final and I( @Prashant_Divedi) was initial Approach.

All aircrafts were supposed to contact initial approach on first contact as mentioned in ATIS. Initial Approach then vectors the aircrafts to the downwind leg for the runways,once they were established on downwind,then they were switched to Final Approach who gave final vectors to the runway. We were focusing on 31R due to a long departure queue on 31L, however some aircrafts had to go to 31L to manage the flow. All aircrafts were assigned 230-220 knots along with initial vector,200 knots downwind and <180 knots on base for a constant flow of traffic without creating spacing issues due to difference in speeds.

Hope y’all like it.