OMAA Airport Glitch


Was on final at OMAA on runway 31R and about 4nm out I could see the whole airport however, as soon as I got 3nm out a section of the airport disappeared. Now i had Wi-Fi as i could see traffic and ATC. I only had a problem with the weather loading for a minute. I will attach pictures below to show what i mean about the section of airport that was cut out.

My device is an iPad Pro 12’9



It sounds like there was some issue with the connectivity. It’s hard to say exactly what, as this is past issue and not present.

Clearing the scenery cache should take care of this, but it’s not something you do on a 3nm final of course.


Ok, Thanks will do it now. Hopefully that will fix it.

I had this issue at KJFK back when global first released. I had to do a reinstall of the app. Although I don’t know if it will work but it was the exact same issue that you had. Good luck mate!👍

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Thanks, I haven’t played IF yet and it only happened at OMAA, so I willl do a flight tomorrow and see if it works with just clearing the scenery cache.

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Ok same otherwise. Is it just at OMAA? If so then try flying at another airport and then go back to OMAA.

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