Olympics Hype!

The Olympics start at 4:45 PM EST. I hope you guys are ready, because Team USA definitely is!! #TeamUSA 🇺🇸

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team Switzerland, 11h00 PM


What is this about anyways? I somehow missed the initial posts and can’t find one that it explains it.

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I have seen that, but what is it? Is it like a landing competition and the team with the highest cumulative landing XP? Or is it like an aerobatic competition?

Guess what I’m asking is what type of events would it consist of?

lots of stuff, races, landing comps, a bunch of other unannounced stuff. we rate on a score of 1-10 (for some events) then the scores are averaged for each team.

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Have you got a list of the events? I only know that there is a landing comp.

no not yet. next event will be announced today or tomorrow. As soon as we settle on the name for it ;)

There has been confusion on the Slack Sweden team. Do we start at KSAN tonight?

Today is just the opening ceremony, you should have your parking assignments.

no, you guys start at KNZY D1-4

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I couldn’t Make it I was Watching Star Wars.

Should be good

I got some great feedback from you guys, sound like the opening ceremony was good! (I couldn’t make it) we have some great stuff in store, stuff you wouldn’t see coming in a million years! 😄 The server will be up and running soon, we got confirmation from Matt! So PLEASE for our sake and yours, do NOT change your display name until we tell you. We already have about 30 people who didn’t listen to our instructions and did change it. Now we have to go find each person and have them change it…ugh. In the end it will be worth it!

^^ he means display name

DANG IT…why do I always forget? 😂

After the Olympics will there be souvenirs (A.K.A formation flights etc…)?