Olympic Team Photos

Post all of your team photos for the Olympics here!

Here we have Team USA parked shortly after landing at EDDK for practice. :)

(That 737-800 look like it has tail lights.)


No one joined El Salvador. We forfeited :(. But nice photo :)

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You had 3 months for people to join. Why would you just scrap the team like that?

Plus, you never know, you two could’ve gotten medals. Remember, quality over quantity.


Well, In my way, I love my country. I have never done this before. And plus, only people view it, they don’t haven’t really PM’d the leader or me if they can join. And there is a team list that’s empty. I don’t like it being empty. I thought we would at least get one person to join our team.

Last comment before this goes off topic, but I think you should open it up again. You can’t start a business one day and then close it on the same day just because nobody came in and bought something.

How can I re open it when Carson closed it?

Ask him to reopen it, or copy and paste everything in the original post and make another topic. Simple.

Let’s end this conversation. It’s not the right place to be talking about this. :)

I’ll PM you so that we can talk, P.S Nice photo… again

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Hey @FlyFi I already have that opened at Pictures Media📸 News

Im going to compete for Jamaica! Quality over quantity

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