Olympic Server Problems

We have had farther a lot of people mentioning about server problems in our other threads. To help us stay organised, this thread is for anyone struggling with getting onto the Olympics server.

BTW it should look like this:

Happy new year,

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Can I use the server for training?

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I could join but there I was alone. ATC Unicom worked tho

I don’t believe there is a problem with that.

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OK. Expect to see me there later then.

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The server is open to all

@grxninesix that signed the form :-)

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I have changed my username then i’ve access

Only for testing

@IceBlue Where’s the form?

@JDE1303 the original Olympics entry form, now closed. Nothing new.

@IceBlue I’ve got an issue and that is I can’t access the server?

@JDE1303 yes. @Carson organised getting access so speak to him.

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This is what me and some of the people from Team Australia are getting when logging on to the server !


Although I have this much XP and Standing

@CaptainDawud we are trying to get that lifted. In the meantime, try and work out why you don’t qualify and try to fix :)

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No problems here, and I can actually get in with 2 display names!

I did some training earlier. Works fine.

I think its a simple copy/past of the Advanced server

That should be fine. Your name already ran through the code…just try not to change it yet. Also, it’s not callsign that lets you in. It’s display name.