[Olympic Event 5] Altitude Frenzy

Hi guys!
First Olympic event for me, this will be one of the last events for this year :(

Basic goal is to climb as high as possible, and as quick as possible.

We join this Saturday at 2000Z and Sunday at 0900Z at KNUC, where our contestants will fly high!

Server - IF Olympics.
Time - 2000Z and 0900Z.
Date(s) - 6th and 7th February.
Place - KNUC (Southern California Region)

The scoring is as follows,

Time taken (s).

For Example, if I climb to 18000 feet in 72 seconds. My score will be 2.5.
There is no maximum score for this event.
The mean of the individual scores will be taken as the Team’s overall score.
There is no aircraft restriction
Each contestant gets 2 attempts, make sure you nail it!

Hope too see you all soon! :)

Please ask any question if you intend to ask!

Scores are as below

Team Germany - 4.61
2.Team Sweden - 3.075
3.Team Swiss - 2.5.


Hope to come with Team Australia !

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By a plane :)

Sorry meant *hope

That should make it an easy choice… Lol


Well, now I know what to use ;)

Is there a restriction to the number of contestants for one team?

Nope Sir. More people, more fun. (and calculations)


@Nick_Art, @Yna and others CH team, come on!

Not on my watch! Entire team USA appears in F22s and does vertical climb out in formation.

That’s about 10 people right there


That’s a lot of points then lol.

@dush19 thanks for doing this one, looks good!


F14 for us then 😎

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did you planning a training?

Guys location is being changed to the SOCAL region, not Kuala…will be changed in the actual post soon. Doesn’t matter now anyway.

Guys, update. KNUC is the venue


That would be cool if Matts new thing was implemented now, where it showed all three stats without switching under the planes.

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It’s a whole process, eveyrbody is selected beforehand…tryouts, etc.

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about the scoring system…: I will win if I climb 1000 feet in 2 sec no? so I don’t even need to go very high to get a really good score :P

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