Olympic Airways 747-200 Cinematic Timelapse

With the Winter Olympics currently on, I decided to make a video onboard the Olympic Airways 747-200.
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Wow that took a long time to process… it’s now finally done.

Ooo nice vid and I have already subscribed.

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I hope you get 1,000 subscribers

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I know :D thanks!!

Same :D really means a lot, thanks so much :)

I also like your YouTube shorts

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thanks! (10 characters)

Np man you should do a time laps from Toronto to LA

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I will try!

I would do an air Canada 777 200 LR

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Hey that landing looks very weird to me, like it was just at the the same AOA for like 10 seconds and the float was like perfectly 0.1 feet above the ground and then it like cut to you landing.
Any explination

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Yeah I can explain, I was very very late in the landing and the little cut was there because I was floating for another 5 seconds, which would probably make the viewers click off the video because I was trying to butter it. The AOA was pretty normal I think, also I don’t have much experience with the 747-200, so that could also be another reason for the late landing.
(It’s just my way of editing videos)

I also landed halfway down the runway and I didn’t wanna show that in the video

If I do any landing after any long flight I do not go for butter rather I go for touchdown zone and centerline

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But oke (10 characters

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I should probably do that too, I just like buttering lol