Olympic Air Dash-8 Q400

All livery of the airlines of Greece are welcome, since they are absent from the IF.


Thank you for the support! Us Greeks also want the Aegean A320! Hope they both get added.


Just found this picture on the web. It looks like playing IF… Keep up the support!!


The crazy part of this is that it does look like IF.


I caught a glimpse of one at split airport


Wow! Without the defined shadows on the fuselage, I would have assumed it was a screenshot of Infinite Flight. Maybe sometime soon…


Εξαιρετικό…great picture! One can dream…😍


Thanks for the support everyone!

Though Olympic may not be known by many, it is a quality airline with a large network within Greece and Southern Europe, whose livery, in my opinion, deserves to grace the Dash-8.

Let’s keep up the support!


Thought I would revive this a bit and re-list a few reasons why I think this would be a great livery to have in Infinite Flight:

  • The Olympic Air livery that is currently in the game no longer exists and the airline itself doesn’t either as it was rebranded, so the airline is in dire need of a livery.

  • We don’t have a single modern Greek livery in the game, which is quite unfortunate, especially for Greeks playing IF, it can sometimes be very frustrating flying on Generic the whole time and it’s felt somewhat marginalized.

  • Along with Aegean Airlines (and their A320), Olympic Air is known for great service for flights not only inside Greece but also to Split, Malta, Istanbul, Larnaca, Alexandria, Catania, Palermo, and much more…there would be a great variation in routes to fly with this livery!

Let me know what you all think :) thanks for the support until now!


Very nice livery, got my vote! Would be great for all domestic routes in Greece.


Talking about the Dash-8, are we going to get a cabin and systems rework on it? Cause the flight deck looks amazing, but there’s no systems or cabin for it. So, are we going to get a systems and cabin rework like on the CRJs?

Considering the Dash 8 is quite new there are most likely other aircrafts higher up on the priority list. :)

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Olympic Air DHC8

that’s how it could look like in IF


very nice graphics skills!


It would be a dream to land this at Rhodes International

We should not forget this beauty. Fingers crossed and we might see both the Olympic and the Aegean Livery added.

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Yep fhis is often forgotten as opposed to the Aegean A320 request. But just as important!

Yep, not forgetting Voltea, Aer Aegean and Olympic Air. 3 of the most recognised Airliners in Greece. I’m supporting all three!

Well Volotea isnt really Greek, but i would love to see it on IF nonetheless

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Although IFLLC might add one of the Greek liveries, Aegean Airlines, it would be so awesome to see the Olympic Air livery added. Let’s don’t forget that Olympic Air serves all the Greek islands with the Dash-8…

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