Olympic air A320

Olympic air A320 landing at Tel Aviv international airport.

Photo: jetphotos (by ErezS)

About Olympic air

Olympic air was founded in 1957 and it was considered as the first successful greek airline. Flying with a fleet of approximately 43 aircraft (as of 2009) the airline had reached the top comfort and had brought millions of tourists in Greece.
The airline had in total 50 destinations, served by scheduled passenger flights. However, it also operated a large number of charter flights (mainly to Africa).
Although the airline was extremely busy and successful, the launch of Aegean airlines unfortunately ''stalled" Olympic and led to its closure in September 2009.
Nowadays, the airline is considered as a subsidiary of Aegean airlines and is used only for domestic short haul operations.

About the type

The A320 has played a key role for all airlines all over the world. With new technology and automated systems the A320 is considered as one of the most successful aircraft ever existed.
Olympic air has operated a total of 9 aircraft of the type.

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