Oliver02's ATC tracking Thread [ Closed ]

Hello anyone who’s reading this!
I am Oliver02,
Just practising being tower and ground, ill be at various airports. Hope to see ya! Tips would be helpful.
Currently Opened at:
Düsseldorf EDDL


Just as a little tip, I recommend opening at smaller airports on the TS so that anyone popping in can be focused on, and there aren’t any trolls because the people flying are there for a reason, and know what they’re doing. I’m landing in about 20 minutes, so I’ll pop in for a couple patterns once I do

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I’ve been doing a lot of atc controlling at smaller airports, i just never really thought about opening a thread like this. I do like being at atc at smaller airports.Thanks for the suggestion :)

Opened if anyone wants to do patterns, kssc

Opened at EDDL Düsseldorf, if anyone wants to come I’m here.

Was about to join, but I need to go do something else. I will hopefully join next time!

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opened at OMDB (Dubai)


Opened at EDDF :)

Opened at KSSC
Tower & ground
Departing Runway 22R
Landing runways 22R / 22L


Opened at KSSC, if anyone wants to do some patterns!
Departing runways: 4L
Landing runways: 4L & 4R

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