Hey is it possible to speak to Oliver 02 or can anyone advise me? I have a quick question regarding ATC instructions. I understand i requested frequency change to tower from approach but this was because I was on final and your last direction was sending me slightly off final (I did not want to change direction on your frequency). I was also within the tower contact area, so assumed you had forgotten about me (I understand it’s busy) as I was on final I wanted to speak to tower and change direction to get back on track. But when checking into tower, I just requested landing at 30 and you advised me to check ATC information on how to use ATC. This is by no means a dig… but can you advise me on what the request should of been? Just so I know for the future. I just got to grade 5 and don’t want a miss understanding to loose my grade. Thanks in advance and other than that it was a really good approach instructions and landing. Happy flying.

@Oliver02 is the controller. Please message him :)

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Thanks :) happy flying 🙏

Hello, yes it was very busy. I’ll pm you about this.

Arh thanks buddy 👍🏼

hey @Kiwi2009, can you put his answer here in this topic (-: I’m curious so i also won’t make a mistake maybe!

Yes, a simple mistake made by many. But it doesn’t effect the gameplay.


This is what I sent him, just with a lot less words


In the scenario when you have approach frequency active and you have been vectored by him.Once he clears you, for ILS/GPS/Visual, it’s the responsibility of pilot to intercept ILS.Usually real life controllers gives 30degree entry in ILS cone .After you are built up on loc then they’ll give u frqncy change to twr.The basic thing to call out tower is Inbound on Ils/GPS/Visual(depends on the vector you have been given)You can request Inbound for landing requesting runway xx only if you haven’t been vectored for ILS/GPS/Visual .In case they give you radar vectors, use normal inbound announcement. ;)