Oliver02’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Oliver02 ATC tracking thread

Returning to Infinite Flight and hopefully back into IFATC.

Airport YBCG
Server TS
Status Opened G & T
Runway in use 14

Airport Incursion Spot - expect clearance to cross runway 17 if taxing to 14

I am currently a CPL student, so i will try to remember procedures may differ xD

Feel free to give me tips below.


Ayyyy, my home airport! Sadly can’t come though :( good luck!

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Next time ;)

Hey mate,
I can send you the procedures pdfs for Gold Coast if interested via dm, I’m a controller (not on infinite flight)

Also I’m come now to CG for a few quick ccts.
See ya soon

Feedback TR-KNT

Did an amazing job! Only thing was that you cleared me for takeoff and gave me left traffic in the clearance and then did it again when clearing me for the option. But I then noticed you didn’t do it again after I left and came back. So I just cough that up to being a little rusty around the edges. I know it happens as a former IFATC myself. Best of luck to you and I’ll see you back in the IFATC soon.


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I’ve got everything on OzRunways, unless it’s ATC specific guides.
Very use to flying in and out of CTA irl :)

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Ah yes OzRunways!
I’ll send now the documents, this includes Brisbane Area Local Instructions.

I’m aware :D

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See ya on the ground now Citation

also don’t tag me to this thread


This guy… I’m dying inside

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For me all you did was clear me left traffic multiple times when clearing me for the option nothing bad though

Enjoy the rest of your session mate

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