Olitr20's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hello IFC, thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by! I passed my written exam on the 5th of January and will be taking my practical probably around the middle to end of Jan. If you can stop by for some pattern work, transitions, departures, anything you feel like, it would be much appreciated! All feedback is always appreciated too, as usual.

I look forward to seeing you soon :)

Display Name: olitr20

Status: CLOSED

Server: Training

Airport: N/A

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Virtual ATIS: N/A

Thank you in advance for coming by!

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Open now at CYUL till 2215z at least, maybe longer if traffic is there :)


@Nee @FireCracker @mike116119

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Im landing in 1 hour if your still open I might come.

See you there, hopefully.

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I am 30mins from landing in KLAX. I’ll pop by if your still there :)

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Ok im landing in 15 minutes now if your still there.

Still here :)

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On my way!

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@Nee sorry about that at the end there ahaha sometimes when I scroll on misc. messages it clicks them all

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Hello I was United 22 heres your feedback for today !

2256Z - Transition altitude was good.

2259Z - Enter right downwind runway 24R was

2302Z - Remember that since you cleared me number 1 for 24L , the traffic on left downwind must follow me. Even if my downwind segment is long they still must follow me. So there was no need to say Number 2 Traffic to Follow is on Left Downwind.

2307Z - When you said exit runway was good , but I’m confused why you told me to cross Runway 10 when I took the exit south of Runway 10 / 28.

Other than that you definitely know sequencing , just make sure that traffic has to follow who ever is next. Just fix that bit and you really should be good at sequencing. Have an nice day and happy holidays !

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Thanks for the feedback :)

About the runway exit - I was preempting an earlier exit so should’ve waited, my mistake.

Also, regarding the sequencing at 2302z, I thought I’d re-sequence as C-FOAR was 1000ft below and on a tighter pattern but my mistake if I shouldn’t have done that.

Thanks again and happy holidays :)

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Ahh I was thinking that too , also is there not an taxiway behind Runway 10 / 28 that I could taxi behind without crossing , if I did take an earlier exit ?

It’s kind of hard to tell, I think technically there is a taxiway behind the stop bar for 10, however, it leads to a maintenance apron and the yellow taxi lines don’t lead there from the runway exit. Up for debate though I guess :)

There is another taxiway behind 10 that goes to de-ice but its after the stop bar

In that case then I would of crossed the runway then if it leads straight to an maintenance apron , so you would be right in that case. Have an nice rest of your day.

You too, thanks for stopping by :)

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Hello! I was piloting C-FOAR. Overall that was a great session but I do have a few minor points of feedback to share.

2242Z - Try and anticipate runway crossings as I had to request to cross runway 10. You did catch it the second time when I was taxiing to parking. Great job!

2248Z - Nice pattern entry for the runway change!

2255Z - After I was cleared for Departure to the North and as I was climbing out of the pattern, you should be proactive in giving me a frequency change command before I requested one.

2257Z - Excellent transition altitude!

2302Z - United 22 should have been number 2 for 24L as he was still entering the pattern and I was already on Late left downwind. You did catch this though after the initial call. Great job!

You are an excellent controller and it really shows! Just make sure to be proactive and anticipate what the aircraft might do next. If you ever need more practice controlling, feel free to @ me!

Have a great day and happy holidays! :)

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Thanks very much for all the feedback!

Essentially it boils down to being proactive then :)

Some really kind words, thanks & happy holidays :)

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Anytime! :)

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Open now at KIND :)


@Nee @FireCracker @mike116119 @Fung_Sum-sum @Mr.Davi

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Im just doing a few circuits at KFAT. I’ll be there in 10mins :)