Older liveries removed?

I just scrolled through the livery list of the B77F and sadly noticed that the old Lufthansa Cargo livery has been removed. I noticed that for other liveries, too, for example the Sky Team AF or the OneWorld Qatar livery. Did I miss something or are they being removed in 20.2?
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I’m not sure what you’re talking about exactly… on my version I have the new Lufthansa Cargo.

The Lufthansa 77F is still there for me

If they are removed it must mean that the airlines have retired that planes in real life then.

Yeah the classic Cathay Pacific is gone too, this is just the Beta though, its not full release

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These two were removed. The Lufthansa Cargo B77F was updated to the new livery.

I meant in beta, gonna fix that right now. Sorry

We are talking about the old Lufthansa Cargo livery

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Yes. Some aircraft have been replaced with their new counterpart. Lufthansa and Air Canada just to name a few


the new Lufthansa livery is fire tho

The older Air Canada livery is gone? I mean some planes still have that livery IRL…

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The old livery on the 777-300ER, yes. No longer exists and the new one is there.

The number of liveries we can have per aircraft is limited for a number of complex reasons, so we have a ‘budget’ of sorts with liveries.

If an airline has a newer version of a livery that is highly requested, we will now replace the old with the new when a rework happens. This will only happen if there are multiple versions of the old livery in app, so we can always make sure to keep one of the old liveries in the simulator.

If there is only one aircraft with the livery on, we will judge this per situation to see if we can keep both the old and the new, or replace it with a newer one.

Note: Not all liveries will be subject to this process. You can see an example below of how we decide liveries: