Old vs New

@Aviation108 and I did a formation around the DFW area with some 757’s.
TL;DR: formation

Flight Details

Route 🧭: Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW 🇺🇸) - Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW 🇺🇸)
Flight Time ⏰: 30 minutes
Aircraft ✈️: Boeing 757-200; American Airlines 1968 livery
You had fun 😃: Yeah…


Blurry livery, lol

Time to taxi

Parallel takeoff 🛫

Turning towards heading 360

Nice wing view, freaking out the 100 passengers I had on board

And here’s a final moonshot. Fun fact: the planes were NOT touching each other in this shot

Thanks for viewing my post. I know I know…, this time no big backstory… I’m sorry. I just don’t have much time on my hands nowadays.
I also didn’t take any pictures of the landing because I killed all the passengers on board with my landing . Because my landing was super smooth and I don’t want to brag about it :).

Well, thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day ☀️


Old one better lol

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Why do you think it’s better? Just out of curiosity

It just… is…

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New one for surreeee, the old one is too silver for me

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that’s the good part

Old definitely, looks more unique and I like the s h i n e

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Especially with that little Eagle on top of the AA 🦅

Brilliant photos as always! I also think that the chrome livery is WAAAAYYY too dark

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This is just gross tho…

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no shine = no good

American 767 has joined the chat with trash texture

Lol, thanks for the compliment man 😊
Really appreciate it!

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Yeah I kinda prefer the old one, just that shine on the fuselage, but I think the tail on the new one is pretty good, nice shots!

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I agree it’s not nice!

I can confirm this is a factual statement. I have a video 🤪

I can confirm this is not a factual statement

Nice shots! They’re amazing!

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oof @Infinite_Qantas, maybe apply for Ryanair? 😂

Nah fam, Ryanair apply for me 😎

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tbh old livery are better then the newer ones the newer ones are just bland and stale the older just look cool but dats just mine opinion