Old vs NEO

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Server: Solo
Route: N/A
Aircraft: Old A330 and A330neo

Just a quick comparison



Is that the old or new A330? I assume new, just it doesn’t look very shiny.

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We don’t have this livery on the new one

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does the new one have this livery?

also that’s why the topic is called OLD vs NEO

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Fat engine lol

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Old a330 😉

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this is such a good comparison

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Well I just made it a bit better!

you’re right, I’m stupid lol

You and your puns lol

You know that the old one also has a name called CEO right? 😂

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I know, but I wanted to make it somewhat clear that it was the old A330 (before the 21.4 rework)

That’s the old, you can tell by the engines and cockpit window designs.

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“NEO”, comes from the Greek meaning “New” so OLD VS NEO = OLD VS NEW. 😉

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Sorry, misread you’re comment. Thought you said “why is it called Old vs Neo”

My bad LuL

Actually, NEO is an Airbus acronym that stands for “New Engine Option” 😆


That’s what I thought

Yes, it was never meant to reference to Greek’s “New”. Airbus’s NEO always meant/referred to Airbus’s New Engine Option for existing aircrafts that are getting updated with newer more fuel efficient engines