[Old] Virtual Airlines Database

Good Luck with your airline!

Please add Thomas Cook Virtrual airline :)

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done its on the database now


Sorry, a temporary site for CaliAir Virtual is now live.

Can you add Vietnam airlines to database my website is currently under construction

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Ok, I will be starting Southwest Virtual. :)

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ain’t there already a southwest airline

There is but for Facebook. The Southwest Virtual I will be running is going to be based here on the forums strictly so that neither of the VA’s interfere.

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Is that a real world virtual airline or non real world virtual airline?

It is original.

Can someone add Vietnam Airlines to the database the website is currently under construction?

Just did ;)

No it’s not… Anyway, I added your airline…

Thank You for doing that.

Is there s way you could add IFPM with the website link because IFYT is up there? Or is that only a special case and only usually for virtual airlines

Not sure why IFYT is there because it’s not a VA

And unfortunately a lot of these so VAS aren’t actually va’s

Can someone add this link to http://simwhat1.wixsite.com/flyvietnamvirtual to Vietnam virtual

Please stop spamming

@bulba @sam1 should I ask about the VA?