[Old] Virtual Airlines Database

Thanks for the info I am new at this.

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No worries, anyways KLM has a good reputation… Be sure to make it even more fun! New liveries and hopefully the Pride livery… :D

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I wen on facebook to KLM but only to get consent to use their logo because it could be copyright but they said yes I could use it.

KLM is so kind… SIA denied me immediately LOL

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oh lord they added my contact to KLM cityhopper which I don’t even own

hey I am so sorry I btw DO NO OWN KLM Cityhopper so can you remove my name from both because I didn’t know what it was for

KLM Cityhopper is the regional wing of KLM

Something like Lufthansa Regional

oh do you know the owner

I have a question on the opening of Changi International Airport do I get to choose my own livery or just choose any Singapore airlines plane?

Ask about that on the thread… Cross topic will confuse us both lol

Anyways before your name was put on, nobody claimed to be the owner of KLMCH

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I remember somebody said they changed their airline name to KLM cityhopper

Not really… If you look at the edit history, KLM didn’t exist… Only KLMCH

who edits the database?

Regulars… This database is actually a Wiki if you haven’t realized lol

ohhhh I thought moderators did it lol

I’ve applied for almost all of the VA’s on the list and only one has contacted me back.

You have applied to JetBlue Virtual?

Yes they also have not responded back.

You sure you did? It doesn’t show up that you did

I just applied again if you want to look.