Old view for the A320 Family

I guess it’s down to personal preference. As I said in the OP, not looking for the view to be changed for everyone but rather give us an option to use the old view.

I am annoyed by this in the XCub, the camera is angled too far down. The a320 is fine.

In the XCub, you have an option for a normal view. Check “Captain” view.

I really love what IF has with the live instruments. But I really wish we could have the old view back as an option.


So you are suggesting a view that we can see the glass display and outside.

The status bar at the bottom could be placed at the top of the screen (there’s nothing here). So bottom would be free to reveal the live cockpit instruments (they are gorgeous by the way).
ATC / map / views / menu buttons should stay at the bottom dispatched on left and right.
This way you keep being an adult piloting the plane and not a child staring at the live instruments that you barely are unable to read.
And if I set on the HUD in my previous flight, it would be nice to have it still set on in the next.

No, since we can still see the outside with the current view. What I would TRULY LOVE is to have the previous view we had as an option before Live instruments. I always adjust manually but when you are on short final adjusting your throttle, it’s frustratingly easy to lose the view…

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I love this, because one problem is that even if you try to align the view to use the HUD you can’t, because the HUD moves away from the horizon sometimes. It seems like people have forgotten that on many of these aircraft the HUD is a very real thing. Especially the A-10, but the A320 is in certification right now, and many modern airliners feature it, and for good reason, it improves aircraft performance in several ways under certain conditions, and I would really like to have this back…


The thing is that you can’t read the numbers on the live horizon when playing on a phone but the position of the camera is terrible with the HUD… it ruins the experience on small screens.

Yeah! I would appreciate it, if the previous will find their way back to Infinite Flight - for the A320 as well as for the A350