Old view for the A320 Family

With the new update that brings us live cockpit, a change has been made to the view in order to give us a better view of the instruments.

Personally, I do not like the way the camera is positioned as it sits low and angled down too much.

Currently, the A321 has an issue where the old view is still there therefore I can explain how it would look as we don’t have this view on the rest of the A320 family.

This is how the view looks on the A321 which is what I’d like to be added on the rest of the family. Basically, the old view (before the update).
(Also for upcoming aircraft reworks like the B777, it would be great if this would be kept in mind)

Now you may say “But that bar at the bottom obstructs the view.”. Yes, I agree and therefore I’m gonna make a different feature request on having a toggle to remove the bar but for now,
a little bit of zoom out fixes it.

I’m not asking for the view to be changed totally but for it to be added as an option.

*Ran out of votes

I’m sorry, that’s a hard pass for me. I love it now!


You can change it to the normal view, you know.

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How can I do that?

Personally, I find it too focused on the instrument. It kinda bothers me.


Ah. It seems you can’t. My mistake, I thought I had done that before.

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You can just go to settings and press interface timeout after xx about of seconds.

Me personally I think the view how it is now if fine.

What bar at the bottom? On the very bottom of the screen?

I like your idea however I have no votes left

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I can predict the team’s answer :



I prefer the new one personally as it nicely balances the outside view with the instruments. I’ve flown the A320 quite a number of times since the new update and I’m kinda getting used to it. So for me, I’m afraid it’ll be a pass.

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I know you can do that but as soon as you touch the screen it comes back, blocking the instruments once again.

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I do agree. I have >>100 landings on the A320 and am also kinda bothered by the updated cockpit view.

It’s hard to get used to especially take off

I agree. I also prefer the old view especially using HUd with the view from the cockpit.

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I think a more appropriate request would be custom camera settings, like in XP11. Press a button and go to a preset camera view. My 2 cents.

I especially want that for the A-10. It is supposed to have an HUD but it isn’t animated. It’s as if you were forced to use secondary instruments.

Here’s how to land the new A320. It takes getting used to for sure but it’ll come to you after practice.

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I know how to fly the aircraft I just don’t like the view.


It does look like they will be taking this approach with all aircraft which receive a live aircraft. I don’t mind it because it gives me a better view of the instruments.

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