Old version

I can’t download new version.
Samsung galaxy tab a 2016
android 5.1.1
What should I do?

Hmm I’m afraid your device might be outdated. Have you checked for any available software updates?


Are you using the Galaxy Tab A 7.0 or 10.1?

I am using 7.0

You are most likely using the one with the Mali-400MP2 GPU which only supports OpenGL ES 2.0. In order to download the new(er) version, you need a OpenGL ES 3.0 capable device. Unfortunately, the only solution is to get a new device.


2016 is not very old device, looks like your device supports OpenGL 3.1, you need new Samsung and android update.

@Starley mentioned find out about your gpu too.

No, his tablet does not support OpenGL ES 3.0. The device you are looking at is the 10 inch version, which is why I asked this:

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So what can i do? Just play an old version? :(

Unfortunately, that or buy a new device. Obviously not ideal, but with technology, it’s inevitable that devices will continue to become unable to run newer applications or versions thereof as development progresses. It isn’t helpful to someone with an older device, but the majority of the target audience for any of these application demands improvements which inevitably require more up-to-date hardware and OS, etc.

It’s certainly not exclusive to IF. Versions of Windows stop receiving patches after a certain period of time. Video games designers stop releasing titles for older consoles. Unfortunately, there will always come a point where a purchase becomes necessary.

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Honestly it’s not eaven like the old version is that bad especially for a mobile game.

And you get that awesome water…💧

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If I update my android to 7.0, will I be able to play?

No, you won’t. This is a hardware problem, not a software problem. Your GPU does not support OpenGL ES 3.0, which is a requirement for the newer updates.

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Ok, thanks guys for help

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You should have your device up to date anyways.