Old version of IF

I can’t download any airplanes on The old version. It is normal ?

And then there is me I bought every plane on my old iPad before global, then was informed global wouldn’t run on it, deleted infinite flight and lost all my money.
Short: yes, happened me too.

In an effort to simplify our pricing model, we have made all paid planes part of the Pro subscription. Moving forward we decided to move away from In-App Purchases for our aircraft the same way we did for scenery when we first released global. All “paid” aircraft are now only available through our Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

Note: If you have purchased aircraft in the past, don’t worry. You’re grandfathered in, and those aircraft will remain available to you whether or not you have an active Infinite Flight Pro subscription. The same remains for older versions. This should apply to you as well @Johannes_koelsch


No need to make two topics (:


Can’t buy any planes more… are there any solutions ?

Same thing! Though stable connection it says no internet connection @schyllberg .
The only difference is that I couldn’t even download the planes I already bought.

Click restore purchases, not the new purchase button. You can’t buy new aircraft, just restore ones you have previously owned.

Please read what i wrote again.
New purchases are disabled, yes. But previous purchases are still valid.


Yes, and I think I don’t have a bad english level.
I will DM you if it isn’t a problem for you

You’re more than welcome to :)

Sorry, I just found out myself the problem. Sorry for taking you time

Wow, now that is a sight I haven’t seen in a long time. The aircraft selection look so much better now days. Sorry, way off topic.