Old US Airways Boeing 757-200 | N604AU

With the 757 rework, I’d love to see this beautiful livery added to the sim. It’s a great way to honor the heritage of US airways, and since both this livery and US airways are no longer flying, it’s a great match for the theme of older liveries in 20.3.

Source: Jetphotos.com

Got many ah buddy that flew that very aircraft for USAir. What a great addition it would be. Also the FedEx 757F 😳😂

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We can only dream…

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Voted! My dad always flew US Air until they did a reverse merger with AA

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Good idea to have the old US Airways livery along with the final US Airways livery before it ceased its operations.

I really like this livery!

But who knows

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In a similar vein, AMERICA WEST! such an amazing livery that I used to see all the time at DCA. Could also add for the A320 as well.

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This is an important livery, being the first to fly in the U.S. Airways branding!

Lets get this in IF!

I never seen the wingtip lights be positioned under the wing before! Wish I had votes for this as most of the 757s in the game are historical.

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I’d like to see the black livery simply because it’s not currently available. And US Airways got butchered from the E175.

Bump! We need this.

I support this 100%

I saw it a ton at Los Angeles


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I neeeeeeed it

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Only if we got the 757F we wanted…

What a beaut… would love to see more retro liveries such as this on the 757.

Bumping time!

Another bump!

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Just voted! Would love to see this or the A333.

It was probably a wasted vote due to IF’s policy of only having retro liveries if it was the livery at the time the airline ceased operations.

Maybe we could argue that because AA/US was a reverse merger, with the AA identity remaining but the corporate US entity managing the business, the airline never really ceased operations?

We need to lawyer up lol

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