Old update

i have a Samsung Galaxy Tab E
before many days i had the global in my tab and today it’s on the old update !!
i tried to reinstall it but it didn’t
what should i do ?

Is your device compatible with this?


i said before many days i had the global but today the old update came somehow

What version is the Infinite Flight that is on your device right now? You can check it by going to settings.

it’s version 16.13.0

Did you take any screenshots in flight when you had global? Those would be quite useful to this.

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What OpenGL do you have?

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Can you take a screenshot by going to the Play Store and go the Infinite Flight page where it should give you option to uninstall and information about the game? Also, how much storage do you have on your device because the global update requires quite a bit of storage so it might have just uninstall it automatically because the device was running out of storage.

go to settings then infinite flight in apps then “Force Uninstall”. if that doesn’t work go to Play Store and tap on Uninstall.

there’s 3.22 GB left

Didn’t work unfortunately .

i really don’t have unfortunately .

it’s weird before many days global used to work, my tab is openGL ES 2.0 and that’s why global is not working thank you all fro helping me !!

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