Old Transavia Livery missing

I noticed that in the Sim with the addition of the new Transavia Livery, the old one has disappeared. Is that wanted because they were removed or is this a mistake?

The new one has replaced the old one.


Old one didn’t stay most likely due to storage issues… only so many liveries can be on the app.

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No they replaced it.


And what is the reason? Lufthansa has both liverys, New and old for A320


No plane is flying today with the old livery that’s why. Lufthansa still flies with their old liveries.

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The new Transavia Livery replaced the old one as there are no Transavia planes flying with the old livery anymore I believe.
And as it’s not really a classic livery they probably felt no need for it to remain in the sim.

As far as I know Lufthansa still has some A320’s in the old livery (correct me if I’m wrong) which makes the old livery still realistic and up to date untill all planes have been repainted.


Yes, we know 😂 and you should refer to

this comment for further help understanding what I meant… And yes somewhere on here it was mentioned too many liveries causes problems with the simulator’s size and performance.


Sounds comprehensible. Thank you

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