Old Training Server

Hello there!

So I was just on LiveFlight, and under the server selection menu I saw there’s an ‘old training server’ along side the usual casual, (normal) training and expert.
None of the others have ‘old’ in front of them, just the ‘old training server.’ What’s more is that there’s actual players on it, and not staff or anything.

Just wondering if anyone here knows anything about it, why it exists, things like that. My theory is it’s for older versions of IF, but I’m just curious.

This is mainly aimed at staff, devs, and mods since they may actually know something about this

I think this fits under the ‘general’ catrgory


Yeah even I saw and I’m flying on that server

How’d you get on that server?

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About 10 hours go I joined the normal training server was doing a long haul idk what happend the server was looking very dead.

Are you perhaps using an older version of IF?

it sure does look dead

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I’m flying in the Indian Ocean you can see me as N74YP

No I have updated the app. Don’t know what’s happend

I don;t have it open, but i probably saw you since it’s hard to miss the like 6 people on it

Yeah I wasn’t able to see my aircraft when flying on training earlier

then you might’ve been on the old training then

I’m flying in Indian Ocean you can see me there.

Bro has found the Infinite Flight backrooms.


No I’ve not I just normally did what I do always and idk what happend

My devices are updated though

that thought occurred to me to, although there’s less death and scary-ness in the IF backrooms

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What is the backroom in IF

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no idea, i’m just waiting for the staff, mods, and/or devs to give to input

old training server apparently

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It was a joke, the backrooms, a lonely place. Google it.


Wait dym I am got in the special server