Old to IF, New to community, Currently overwhelmed!

Hi everyone! Long time IF user here for years and years who has always just done his own thing and kept himself to himself (boring I know).

I’ve been around for so long and am looking to take the next steps to increase my IF realism and experience. I want to take part in events, do ATC properly, join an airline or become an ambassador for IF; all the exciting things that you guys do.

I love IF and want to become involved with like minded folk who love to follow the process and encourage realism. My issue is, I have no idea where to really start, what I can do or become involved with, or how I even build up rapport and community inclusion!

Any help or pointers of what’s out there or how I can become a valued member of our wonderful community would be appreciated and… hello! (finally!)


Hi I have kept to myself too but no way as long as you. I am studying for application for BA virtual airline my test is Monday. I researched a few and chose BA . I have also started reviewing my flights in tests taking a few shots and posting according to the guidelines for screenshots. I have been made really welcome receiving friendly guidance and support so I intend to continue to be more of a participant here. I hope you do too.

Welcome to the Community!

Hey man! Have a look at this blog to get you started! :)

As well as this welcome topic to get you started with the community:

It might be overwhelming at first, but after reading and understanding the topics, you’ll be all good to go. Also don’t hesitate to ask any more questions, we don’t bite :))

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It’s great you’ve made the jump to become more involved with the community. It’s great you have so many ambitions with the Infinite Flight Community (IGC). The first thing I advise you do is read the posts linked below.

I’ll address the points of interest you detailed in their order.


Joining the many events we have here is a great way to get more involved with the IFC. Events range in size from the massive Friday Night Fun (#fnf) events to small member-led events. You can find information about all events planned and coming up in the #live:events section of the forums.


If you’re interested in joining IFATC (the group that runs all operations on the Expert Server), I suggest you have a look at the following thread:


You may wish to open a tracking thread to have people come along to your Training Server sessions and give you feedback as to how you can improve your service. Click here for information on how to do that.


The best way to get involved with a smaller group of the community, I believe, is through joining one of the many virtual organisations and airlines (VO/VA) run by IFC members. @Alan_Thomson definitely advised you well in joining BAVA! The best VA of them all… You can find more information on these groups in the #live:va section of the forums.

My advice is: throw yourself in. The IFC is a very welcoming group and, once you’re here, don’t often notice who’s new and old. Get stuck in… we’re glad to have you here!


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Thanks so much for the detailed response to each part! That’s super helpful and I’m excited to get involved! I’ll definitely start looking into it all and reading all the links, see you in the air!

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