Old timer from 2015, now back on line. Demoted?

I have 230,000 XP over the years, just got back online and can’t access Grade 3. Demoted to grade 2 with that many XP?

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Check out the grade table on your stats page. Many items now have a time frame to meet. You can post a screen shot of the table if you would like.


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Press the [I] Button next to the number 2 where it said Grade 2.
The things highlighted in yellow are what you need to obtain.
This might also help:

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I understand what you’re saying but seriously, with this many XP you’re really asking me to fly grade 2?

If you don’t meet the requirements, then yes you will stay at grade two. I’m not sure what your missing though. Is it your Landing to Vio ratio or something else?

It is no longer based just on XP, but multiple factors such as landings, violations, and ghosts. Not only that but you can now fly around the whole world to gain XP, making it easier to earn it.

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You need a certain amount of landings within a 90 Day Period… Since it’s been 1440 Days (or less) since you last had a Landing, you wouldn’t meet the requirements.

Welcome back though mate :)

PS: If you want to quickly get back to the Expert Server, feel free to reach out to the community to come and fly with you and do patterns (#live Category)


I never knew you needed a certain amount of takeoffs, I thought it was landings?

how can you land without taking off first?

I think he meant landings 😉

I knew that…

631 online flights and over 1900 flights with only 18 violations over 1 1/2 years according to my log book on this APP, and I’m grade 2. Doesn’t seem right.

Could we get a picture of your actual grade table itself? I think that would help immensely :)


Oh I see, you only need one landing and your back to grade 3!

Dude …1 darned landing!

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Ah, there we go!
You literally need one more landing and you’ll rank up. :)
If you do more than one, you’ll be even more set.

The easiest way to get landings is to perform touch and goes. :)

Well holy cow. I thought the green was what I still needed!