Old SFO vs New SFO - Before and After

Hello community! As many of you know, the 21.1 open beta has just been released, and the first airport I took to was San Francisco. I’ve always been very fond of SFO, particularly because I went to it many times as a child. Its unique “hashtag” runway arrangement, along with the beautiful curves of the International Terminal, and the flowing control tower - what’s not to love? I was very excited to hear that SFO was going to be one of the first airports to receive 3D buildings.

Anyways, here are some photos of SFO before the 3D buildings and after the buildings. I was pretty shocked when I first took a glance in the beta, I couldn’t believe this was Infinite Flight!

Above photo is ‘before’, and the bottom photo is ‘after’.

Notice the cirrus clouds?

Notice the cirrus clouds here too?

Which was your favorite?

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Thanks for taking a look at my topic, I hope to see many of you flying to the New SFO in the future.


It’s so crazy to see how far this simulator has come.