Old school route with a old school plane

Anyone wanna join tomorrow. Additional info down below:)

A340 Virgin Atlantic


Training server

Time: 2pm IST,

Hey make sure you read this before posing as you are only allowed to post 3 hours before departure


In addition, make sure to format your title like the example given in the linked topic above :)


t-t… training server? EGLL? uh oh…


Oops sorry. So should I delete this and post it again?

You can just edit it if you like

I didn’t understand

Tap on the little pencil and you will be able to edit it instead of making a new post or make a new post 3 hours before departure

So I should edit it 3 hours before departure?

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I m new to this hence this many questions ;)

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No Problem its all good :)

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You can get a mod to close this topic then create another 3 hours before the group flight :)

But how do I do that?

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Flag the topic to request closure, and you’re good to go. I’ve done it for you!

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As other users mentioned above, your group flight doesn’t fit the format for this category. All group flights must:

  • Take place within 3 hours of being posted
  • Not be affiliated with a VA/VO
  • Not assign gates or pilot slots

In addition, they must be formatted and titled in a certain way:

How to format your post

Aircraft and Livery: xxx
Route: xxx (Where are you flying from-to)
Time of Departure: xxx (Please use ZULU time)
Server: xxx (Casual/Training/Expert)

How to title your post

Titles must be in the following format: DDMONYY / HHMMZ - Title @ ICAO to ICAO

  • DD = Day

  • MON = Month

  • YY = Year

  • HH = Hours

  • MM = Minute

  • Z = Zulu

  • Title = Title of your event

  • ICAO = The 4 letter airport code of the airport your event is at

How to use ZULU time

Use this website to convert between your timezone and ZULU. It’s the same as GMT and UTC, if that helps.

For more information, please see the “About the group flights category” pinned post.

Thank you very much! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!