Old School Group Flight


WE’RE GOIN OLD SCHOOL BABY! Welcome to the late 1900s. It’s a nice day in Houston. The perfect day for a group flight. This is the George Bush Intercontinental airport. One of the most famous airports in Texas. This airport serves so many destinations, but i thought i would go old school and use some of the most famous old planes. We will be flying from The George Bush Intercontinental airport (KIAH) to Newark International Airport (KEWR). I hope you can join this old timey flight.

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  1. Follow all ATC instructions
  2. If there isn’t ATC then follow the METAR
  3. No trolling
  4. I am not responsible for any violations
  5. If you’re using the United 767 then I would encourage you to use the old United livery.
  6. Have a great flight!!!

Server: Expert

Airport: KIAH-KEWR

Time: 2024-05-05T16:30:00Z2024-05-05T17:30:00Z

ATC: (I would love to have ATC if we can)

ATC at IAH Username
ATC at EWR Username
ATIS @Abhijit_Sharma
Ground @Abhijit_Sharma
Tower @Abhijit_Sharma

Gate Assignments:

A terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft username
A07 United 767
A08 United 777-200 @United_8275_heavy
A09 United 767 @Kyle_stout
A10 United 767
A11 United 767
A12 United 767
A14 United 767
A15 United 767
A17 United 767
A18 United 767
A19 United 767
A24 United 767
A25 United 767
A26 United 767
A27A United 767
A27B United 767
A29A United 767 @Random_avatitor
A29 United 767
A30 United 767
C terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Username
C01 United 767
C02 United 767
C03 United 767
C04 United 767
C05 United 767
C06 United 767
C07 United 767
C08 United 767
C09 United 767
C10 United 767
C11 United 767
C12 United 767
C14 United 767
C15 United 767
C16 United 767
C17 United 767
C18 American 767
C19 American 767
C20 American 767
C21 American 767
C22 American 767
C23 American 767
C30 American 767
C31 American 767
C32 American 767
C33 American 767
C34 American 767
C35 American 767
C36 American 767
C37 American 767
C38 American 767
C39 American 767
C40 American 767
C40W American 767
C41 American 767
C42 American 767
C43 American 767
C44 American 767
C45 American 767
D terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Username
D01 United 767
D02 Generic 767
D3 American 767
D4 American 767
D5 American 767
D6 Generic 767
D7 United 767
D8 American 767
D9 American 767
D10 American 767
D11 Generic 767
D12 United 767
E terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Username
E01 Northwest DC10 @MAviationYT
E02 Northwest DC10
E03 Northwest DC10
E04 Pan Am 747-200
E05 Pan Am 747-200
E07 Pan Am 747-200
E08 Northwest DC10
E09 Northwest DC10
E10 Northwest DC10
E11 Continental DC10
E12 Continental DC10
E14 Continental DC10
E15 Continental DC10
E16 Continental DC10
E17 Continental DC10
E18 Pan Am 747-200 @Anthony_Gulluscio
E19 Delta 717
E20 Delta 717
E21 Delta 717
E22 Delta 717
E23 Continental DC10
E24 Continental DC10

Ooo nice group flight😊🤙

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Thanks man

DISCLAIMER: if you want ATC make sure to also tell me which airport you want. Don’t just tell me the ATC type

Why not. Il take any Continental DC10 gate

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ill take this one

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@Random_avatitor @AndrewGraham you’re both signed up

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8 days left to sign up

Why not 757?

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I can change a gates info if you want?

I have another event at that time, I was just wondering why you left it out. Have a good event!

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Is it ok if I can come in a United 777-200?

Yes you can. Which gate?

I will take gate A08 :)

Alrighty then. You’re on the list

1 week left to sign up!

6 days to go!

@Abhijit_Sharma Howdy! I reckon you were the one wranglin’ London Heathrow this mornin’ when I came in to land ‘round 4AM Central time. I’ll be seein’ ya soon to share tales of the A380.

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I reckon I’ll be takin’ gate A09 for the United flight on that ol’ 767.

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Thanks so much Kyle. I hope you don’t have to cancel.

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