Old Scenery Purchases

Hello all who view this post!

Been using Infinite Flight for a few years now; it’s great! Very realistic and great visuals. Devs have done a great job. I used IF for training sometimes; it promotes good a good flight control feel.

I purchased over 25GBP worth of scenery before Live was released. What’s happened to this? I did indeed purchase the scenery and would like to know where it went. If it doesn’t return, what’s going to happen to those that have already contributed to the IF ecosystem? It’s handy if I’m on the way home from work, fancy a virtual flight and can’t use Live/internet?

Any plans for live voice? It’s annoying (but worthwhile on a training server) having to apply TOGA 3 times before touch down as everyone’s lined up behind each other and no one can get a message across.

Many thanks I’m advance.


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