Old Scenery Purchases

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Been using Infinite Flight for a few years now; it’s great! Very realistic and great visuals. Devs have done a great job. I used IF for training sometimes; it promotes good a good flight control feel.

I purchased over 25GBP worth of scenery before Live was released. What’s happened to this? I did indeed purchase the scenery and would like to know where it went. If it doesn’t return, what’s going to happen to those that have already contributed to the IF ecosystem? It’s handy if I’m on the way home from work, fancy a virtual flight and can’t use Live/internet?

Any plans for live voice? It’s annoying (but worthwhile on a training server) having to apply TOGA 3 times before touch down as everyone’s lined up behind each other and no one can get a message across.

Many thanks I’m advance.


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You will still be able to access your purchased regions, even if you don’t have a subscription.

@Boeing773ER The reigon’s he purchased is not showing for him. I think he needs help on how to get it back. @MacPaddy I would try pressing the “Restore Purchase” button on the bottom, works wonders. Also try deleting and reinstalling the app if that doesn’t work.

@Boeing773ER @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF

I’ve tried this but it’s still connecting me to the Live scenery when I’m going Solo.

Yes, The old scenery is now gone, you will now only get live scenery

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Move this topic to #support?

We all love it!

The regions are still there, but you now have global flight until your existing live subscription renews. The devs have made the difficult choice to remove offline functionality to include satellite imagery.

You can change the voices by viewing the topics I’ve linked below :)

Hope you have a good day!

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Many thanks for your input!

Is there anyway then my concerns can be escalated to the dev team? Considering the funds I’ve put into IF (which I’m sure many have) into buying additional AC and Scenery on two platforms, it’s an investment I’d rather not have just taken from me just like that. Seems a little unfair if I’m honest. Not having a go, just wanting more clarification! :)

Ah, I’ve toyed with this. But I meant my actual voice. Even in Vatsim that was a huge faff!

Many thanks!

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Hi, a lot of people have invested like you have into the sim, which allowed the devs to create such an incredible update. While I do understand your concerns, most people are on the internet/data when they play anyway. In the future, the devs mentioned they may allow users to download certain areas.

There are groups like IFATS who do this. Many people don’t like the idea of having a built in voice system due to trolls so a group like IFATS would be your best bet for realism.

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