Old SAS livery

This kinda is kinda isn’t a Feature, it’s just a request that the A350 comes with the old SAS livery and not that horrid new one

( credit @Mattheus )

Yep. RIP old SAS livery. I kinda like the new one though.

I like the pic 😂

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Do you think we could have a picture of this livery, and more about why you want it?

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Here’s the aircraft, and we all want it because we all think (well, what I think) the new livery is 💩



This is a duplicate.

That one is more requesting the SAS livery in general, this one is requesting the old one, the other one is now requesting the new livery instead but the OP cannot edit the post anymore.


I wish to change the picture on top, but i cant 🤷‍♂️

I dont think the old one is going on the A350 any way, so whats the point?

I don’t think so. Have a look at the picture at the top, it’s the old SAS livery.

I know but there is a 60 day edit limit and the OP Has stated that they wish they could edit the post and change it to the new one.

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Oh, good eye. I didn’t see that. Maybe he should just make a new thread, as that would still count as the old livery.

No need too, everyone knows that he wants the new livery because he posted a picture of it and stated about how he cannot edit the post anymore. Now let’s continue with the original discussion of this old livery request.

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A350 in the old livery is unrealistic. It’s like requesting the BA a350 in the retro livery.

I’m sure all liveries in infinite flight exist today or have existed before.

Mmah, almost. Some should have existed but doesn’t due to the airline cancelling their orders.


I don’t think that adding a livery that doesn’t exist on a specific aircraft is smart…


Your welcome.

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cough Delta B787-8 order acquired with the purchase of Northwest

I personally like the new livery.


This deserves a vote, we lost another one and I hope this livery never gets added in IF, looks like a rip-off Lufthansa livery. You got my vote!


I like the new one better

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