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I have recently been flying a ton with the British Airways DC-10 and I have been loving it. I was wondering what some of your favorite old routes with these vintage planes. If you could also include the aircraft, livery and if you want other information that would be incredible. Thanks!

From what ive seen they did mostly from Gatwick to Miami, Faro, Los Angeles, Dallas, Dubai, New York JFK, Houston

Yeah! They also flew to the Caribbean I bealive!

Oh yea and more to Tel Aviv, Some LAX stopover to San diego, Phoenix, and some British Caledonian Routes to Dharan and Atlanta

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Also if you want to know I founded these I checked from Jetphotos https://www.jetphotos.com/showphotos.php?aircraft=McDonnell+Douglas+DC-10%3B&airline=British%20Airways&country-location=all&photographer-group=all&category=all&keywords-type=all&keywords-contain=3&keywords=&photo-year=all&genre=all&search-type=Advanced&sort-order=0

and https://www.airfleets.net/flightlog/search.htm

Wow great thanks!

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Here’s 2 sources I found based on BA’s DC-10 routes:

(Scroll down)
BA’s long hauls as of Winter 1995/1996

BA’s long haul routes as of 1997

Thank you so much!

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