Old Queen Air sitting at KADF


Any information on it? Did you find any history on it on the web at all?

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Cool. Do you know if it’s airworthy or not, or who operates it.

The last flight was in 2014!

Hahaha that didn’t look airworthy. It has mold growing on it

That is a Queen Air, not a King Air.

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Done some research into it:

Figured it was one of the two. Couldn’t te from the back.

Probbbly not airworthy

Probbbly last flight into KADF and couldn’t pay the bills on it would be my guess

@DeerCrusher here’s the airplane

It’s clearly not airworthy. There are vegetables growing all over it. Elements have taken over this aircraft.

Interior is probably destroyed from moisture and mold. It’s missing parts.

Owner probably ran out of money, died, and/or lost his medical and didn’t bother getting it back.

Well you know what they say, another mans trash is another mans treasure

This plane has had all sorts of problems.

The aircraft belonged to an air taxi service run by James Nyerges (still current owner). The aircraft was certified by the FAA for passenger ops, but on its annual in 2016 it was revealed that the right engine has been operating since 2006 and the left engine since 1994, both without required overhauls. The propellers required overhaul over a year before the annual as well, but of course, the overhaul never occurred.

This posed as an unacceptable violation against the federal aviation regulations and also against the air taxi passenger’s safety.

The air taxi was immediately required to surrender its air taxi certificate.

My guess it’s been sitting ever since its certificate was stripped.

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Yah would make sense. I wonder if the guy would see the airplane

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