Old Posts Popping Up

Hey there everyone.

Recently, I’ve seen lots of old posts pop up, very old, I’m speaking 6-12 months old.

Some have been bumped by a reply, others just there, no reply at all, and they’re not even closed.

I wonder if this is happening with everyone else, it’s annoying but I’m not really bothered.


Some categories don’t have timers on them. #features is quite known for such.


I’m talking #general , #screenshots-and-videos , etc.

Surely general has a timer on it.


S&V doesn’t have a timer, some circumstances can leave other topics open such as a manual reopening of a thread.

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Yes, but again, #general

Many of the ones I saw are just 12 months old, haven’t had a reply in quite some time, and have never been closed or opened again.

Can I get an example?


I would get one, but they’re lost, I’ve seen this issue for a few days, but just now decided to acknowledge it.

On a side note, I have a question.

Despite S&V not closing, why do year old ones pop up with no bump, even when I’m on “Latest” and not “Top”.

Edits of the topic and I believe replies as well can put the thread up top too.

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I have an example for this one that includes neither of these occouring.

I saw this before @IF_International replied, feel free to ask him too.

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You can see a withdrawal from the reply before that 3 hours ago. That counts as an edit.


The more you know 🤷‍♂️


I see.

That’s one part of mystery down, what about this

Could it be the same?

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I’m personally not seeing anything related to that, if you can find anything that has neither of the above that could stop a closure, that would be helpful. Since you say they’re “lost”, either its a bit of not seeing something properly, or its an actual phenomenon you are struggling to find.

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Yes, I saw that. @Tsumia is right. I knew that all along :)

No and no…

I’m confident with what I saw, and if I see something like it again, I’ll link it here.

Sometimes if someone replies to a topic and then is deleted it will show as being updated. It is a known issue. Some people reply to very old topics and then it is removed.

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Oh, I see, thank you for the clarification!

And sometimes closed posts will be reopened if ol’ Sebby forgets to feed the system…

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