Old livery Air Canada 777-300ER

As we all know the “Tooth Patse” livery got removed in the 20.2 update.
I hope soon we can re add that old livery to bring back some memories of people’s flights.
I know this might come in a year or 2. But there still is hope!

Credit paperflug.ru


Ps- i thank the developers for the 20.2 update, just I wish this livery stayed

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I searched before posting

I think the Air Canada livery was removed for a reason (as they can’t have every livery due to Storage, space reasons etc), and not sure if it will come back.

Also, if they can add more liveries, I think they may prioritize modern airline liveries, rather than putting an old livery, for diversity etc.


Yes. I can confirm from Misha that they like to add the newer livery’s to the game

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Your right. But maybe one day they’ll add this one

This one is much better! We need it back!

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