Old JetBlue Livery at PVD

I’ve never seen this livery before, came in to PVD a few minutes ago. Pretty cool!


I seen that livery before at KSJC


This is their 1960s retro livery, even though JetBlue wasn’t even around then.
That’s the kind of thing B6 likes to do.

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I used to have some cool pictures of some of their different liveries at adjacent gates in Boston.

Ah,those were the good old days

It’s the “retro” livery-which they designed to look like an old school livery. Been around for a couple years now-maybe since 2017

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Well considering I only see 2 JetBlue aircraft on my shift compared to the hundred something I had in Boston in the morning shift I don’t see a lot of variety anymore. 😛

I saw this livery in KATL
It’s beautiful ♥️

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@Jeremy_H you work at Boston in the Morning and Providence in the afternoon?

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@JacksonAviation no I used to work at Boston and now I work first shift at Providence. Possibly moving to Quonset State Airport soon.

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All three are great airports! What job do you have?

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@JacksonAviation I was a field supervisor for the fueling department at Boston and now I’m a line service tech at an FBO.

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Your so lucky! Any aviation job is a great job

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Damn now that is…


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That aircraft was delivered to Jetblue in 2008, based out of KJFK. It was repainted at JFK in 2016. Here are pictures of the same aircraft from before.

image image

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