Old is better than the new! - Air Canada 787-9

Hi everyone!
Today I finished my flight from Vancouver to Melbourne, and here are my top pics. Hope you like them!

Some stuff i need to put in

Flight Time: 15:45
Aircraft: B787-9

anyways, lets begin

  1. Parked at the gate, the other Air Canada 787 followed me all the way to Melbourne!

  1. Blasting out of Vancouver!

  1. Banking right with gorgeous mountains behind

  1. heres a moonshot

  1. Already descending into Melbourne

  1. “Gear down, 3 green”

  1. Parked at the gate

Thats all, any feedback is appreciated!

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Also… i mean the old livery is 1000x better than that white tube… but lets see how many votes does the old livery win by 😉

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Stay Safe!


bit off centre line 😬

But great photo and the old one is better😅

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Wow these photos are stunning! The Old livery is nice but i prefer the New livery :)


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@tunamkol lovely pics dude


Thanks everyone

Old vs New is a tie right now…

Now the new one is winning 😋


It’s literally a white tube with a black tail and some red logos

In my opinion, it looks more modern due to the strong contrast. It’s also simplified, which is the trend with new liveries. Take LH as an example: They reduced the number of colors and took dark colors, which make it look more reliable and professional.


Not influenced by @Captain_Cign at all😂. New all the way for me though

Lovely photos though and a lovely route as well

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I completely agree, couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve seen both the new and old livery of Air Canada on A330-300’s, I definitely preferred the new one.

Besides that, amazing pictures @tunamkol, I can’t take pictures like these for the life of me.


Negative 9 by the looks of the poll

The new one screams Canada. The old one is literally a bottle of toothpaste.


I have to get some people here… wait for it

That’s the bit I don’t understand… how? It looks like 99% of the liveries out there! White fuselage, different coloring tail and a few logos

I don’t know if that’s something you can explain, it’s just a feeling. Although I suspect it has to do with the white/black contrast accenting the red.

I mean the other one looks completely white irl. When I first saw it from an angle, that you couldnt see the tail, I thought it was a generic aircraft with a sticker quickly put on top for the name

The new livery exactly like their livery from the 1990’s though. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Whereas the old blue/green livery just feels like Canada to me. It reminds me of the blue water of British Columbia or the snow around the deep north of Canada. But it has a more home-like feel as well. The new one doesn’t feel nearly as Canadian to me.

Livery dispute settled. Great photos @tunamkol!


As I said in my “Oh, Canada!” Topic, the new one just looks so much better, sleeker, cleaner and more modern. The old one just looks like a weirdly coloured toothpaste tube…


I will also say that I may be slightly biased because the old livery is absolutely atrocious for photography. You need an exact specific light and it only really works in hour before golden hour (two hours before sunset). Anytime before that, even in winter it turns into this disgusting blend of blue, green, and white. And it can’t really be shot during golden hour either because teal and orange just do not mix and it looks like vomit. New solves all of those gripes for me.


I would say, they resembled Canada very well and put lots of thought into the colors and arrangement. Its not just another livery. Its a new unique livery, because a livery shouldnt be called bad just because of its white belly. The whole livery needs to be taken into account, and if you do that, you will not find many liveries like the new livery of Air Canada @tunamkol
I am a “designer” myself, and even though I only do it in my free time, I have learned to appreciate even the most simplistic graphics, since there is always a thought behind everything, even behind a single dot. Representing Canada isnt easy, especially on a livery, but if you take everything into consideration, they did a fantastic job. Of course there is the taste, that decides what you like and what not, but imo the designers did a great job and the taste is up to everybody themselves.

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