Old iPhones slow down with iOS updates, study finds


I’ve got a 6s Plus, I feel like after ios 11 dropped so did my phone, flat on its face.

I refuse to buy a new one though!


This is not the intended use for #thirdparty ;)

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Where would be appropriate section?

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The Lounge, Once you reach TL3. This is an Aviation and IF Forum only, #thirdparty is used for Third Party apps like Liveflight or IF Assistant.

Since I don’t have TL3 the answer is …?

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Oh really? I hadn’t noticed… 🤔

It takes my iPhone 6 4-5 business days to open Snapchat with iOS 11.


That study doesn’t surprise me at all. It is in apple’s best interest to slow down our devices because it encourages us to buy new ones.

It’s what happens with literally all phones. Samsung’s are having the same issue with their bench geek scores dropping after a year. Built in obsolescence is a common practice in today’s technology industry.

May I add though that a simple battery replacement which is like £60 will likely resolve any issues.

You don’t post it simple as that.


So what is the problem?
Empowering yourself to zing well-intended threads ? :)


Yep, I’ve noticed that the battery life of my iPhone 6 has rapidly decreased, it drains battery much faster than it used to before all the new stuff came out!
I will NOT get a new one as I am perfectly happy with this one. Just need a new battery though, possibly

No, its just this is not the intended use of #thirdparty and this would go in the Lounge, once you’re TL3 ;).

Thank you all for your articulate replies.

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I was watching a video that said the solution is to get a new battery.