Old Infinite Flight

I remember only at 14 yrs old looking for a flight simulator that you can fly an airliner with the airline livery on the plane then I found this app. Well it costed $5. and I was dissapointed. After begging my mom for months she finally got it for me the day she left for India for a month. I remember her saying I am getting this so you can keep yourself entertained while I am gone. well it was the best way to spend $5. (Buying Live every month is a different story)


Anyone down for a crazy fly in at KNUC?

I was wondering if it would be possible for anyone to upload IF v1.0 .apk or .ipa file I can sideload onto my device. (If you don’t feel like sharing the installation file to the community, feel free to PM me. I won’t extract those files nor reverse-engineer it nor do illegal stuffs with it nor what-have-you…)

I think I’d want to appreciate the FDS’ tremendous effort by putting myself in a nostalgic state 😂

I played IF somewhere around 2012s (I was in the 7th or 8th grade!) when it was available only on Windows Phone. And it was my friend’s phone! Damn even then, it was one of the best mobile sims I had ever experienced!


I miss the water textures that we used to get when flying at night or sunset

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I started playing IF after global came out (January 2018), so I can’t say much about pre-global, but my friend can.

“KNUC was the BOMB” is what he texted me

Even after global, IF has made lots of progress. I still remember the old ATC menu (which didn’t last long because 18.1 came out a month after I started live). The days of aircraft without animations and interiors. And without working instruments. We have come very far.
I still remember my reaction to getting grade 2 and 3. It felt amazing.
Sadly, I didn’t take screenshots back then

Here is some of my pics late 2016.

I haven’t had IF for very long but it’s good to see how far Infinite Flight has come since it came out.

When I bought this game it was mainly for the space shuttle. I came back in 2017 to see it was removed

I certainly miss this feature on IF! The very useful terrain map turned on in the hud.


I agree

This is the feature I want from old IF back
Nearly crashed into the mountains at night 2 times because I had no visual on the map

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6 years for me too! It’s not just planes that fly. Time does too.


Sure I’ll join you once I’ve ended my long haul flight which server is it on?

memories that I might will never forgotten. And there were so many moments that really impressed me when I played the old Infinite Flight. A little extra from me. I took this photo when I was participating in an event entitled fly to KNUC with A380. I flew with my friend from IFFI (Infinite Flight Fan Indonesia) at that time

14 June 2017 throwback…


I managed to get the very first, version 1.0 Infinite Flight installed and running using an Android emulator on PC!

It didn’t even have a live multiplayer feature…

High aircraft resolution, indeed. Extremely high. much sarcasm hahaha
And that yoke thing in the middle is annoying as hell…

Not gonna say much more than what I have said in the previous photo. Hahaha!

I can’t believe how far IF has travelled! It’s so amazing how the devs put their true efforts to make this game undeniably amazing and worth every single penny. Huge thanks to the devs!


Got infinite flight in 2014 and I got live in 2017 a lot has really changed.


Where did the grass and water graphics go. Swiss made a god video on this.

That was fake scenery created by FDS (company at the time) to give a look to the ground when flying. (Note this was in pre-global.) But now it is all done by satellite imagery, which means that the water graphics and grass graphics have changed.

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I got IF in early 2015, this was my first (successful) landing ever (I used to not even know how to use thrust reverse).

Was XP in the old IF?

They need to bring back the 747-400 house colors